2000 - Operational Goals of the Board

The Avery County Board of Education recognizes the trust and accountability it owes citizens, staff, parents and students in the manner in which it transacts the business of the school district. The board strives to conduct itself in accordance with the following operational goals:

  • acting in accordance with the code of ethics, as provided in policy 2110, Board Member Elections;
  • maintaining effective board/superintendent relations;
  • operating cost effectively and efficiently;
  • conducting business openly;
  • meeting requirements and duties for the board as established in board policy or law; and
  • making decisions with the board's goals, objectives and other principles as the guiding focus.

The board will endeavor to evaluate on a biannual basis its efforts to follow these operational goals. The board may use outside consultants, including the North Carolina School Boards Association, to assist the board in its self-evaluation.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36

Cross References: Board Authority and Duties (policy 1010), Board and Superintendent Relations (policy 2010), Board Member Elections (policy 2110), Code of Ethics for School Board Members (policy 2120)

Adopted: 2006-11-06