9020-Facility Design The superintendent is responsible for overseeing the design of facilities that have been identified in the long-range facility needs plan and have been approved for funding. New or renovated facilities must be designed in a way that will meet all legal requirements, including legal standards for accessibility and use of facilities by persons with disabilities. Plans also must take into consideration the facilities guidelines developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. The superintendent may utilize services of outside professionals, including architects and other consultants, in the facility design and construction. Any contract for professional services must be reviewed by the board attorney, approved by the board, and meet the requirements of any applicable board policies. (See policy 9110, Selection and Use of Architects and Engineers.) The superintendent also should work to involve school staff, parents and students in the design of school buildings.

Before investing any money in the construction of any new building, or when using any state money for the erection, repair, or equipping of any building, the superintendent must submit the plans to the State Board for review and comment and must review the plans based upon a consideration of the comments received.

Plans for science facilities in new middle and high schools are subject to approval by the State Board of Education in accordance with G.S. 115c-521(c1) and State Board of Education policy.

The superintendent shall report periodically to the board on the development of facility plans. The superintendent also shall report on the State Board’s review of facility plans conducted pursuant to G.S. 115C-521(c) and this policy and must specifically address any concerns noted by the State Board. The board will give final approval of facility plans before any money may be spent on new buildings or renovations.

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Cross References: Contracts with the Board (policy 6420), Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Construction Managers At Risk (policy 9110)

Other References: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction School Planning Publications, available at http://www.schoolclearinghouse.org/

Adopted: 2000-10-02 Updated: 1998-03-06 Revised: 2014-09-30; 2015-04-14; 2017-04-28