3623 - Extra-Curricular Activites In Inclement Weather ## Extra-Curricular Activities ## In Inclement Weather And Holiday Periods

This policy includes practices, meetings, engagements, contests and all other extracurricular activities.

Grades K-6

Practices, games, meetings, engagements or other extracurricular activities will be allowed in Avery County Board of Education facilities when school is not in session due to inclement weather or holiday periods.

Grades 7-12

When school is not in session due to inclement weather, or any time changing weather conditions warrant, the principal, athletic director, coaches, and sponsors will jointly consider the following factors in determining if a practice, meeting, engagement, or contest will be held:

a) the possibility of rescheduling the event, b) road conditions between schools and players’ routes to and from school, c) parking lot conditions at both schools, and d) weather forecasts (including falling temperatures that may cause unsafe icing conditions) through the duration of the activity. e) no student will be penalized for missing practice due to inclement weather.

Once this information has been gathered, the principal will notify the superintendent/designee and a decision will be made regarding the activity.

CROSS REFERENCE: 5030 Community Use of Facilities

Adopted: 2001-04-02

Revised: 2002-03-21 2008-02-04