Avery County Schools Policy Manual


                               Index to 4000 Series

4001: Equal Education Opportunity & Non-Discrimination 1310/4002: Parental Involvement 4003: Translating Policies for Students and Parents 1740/4010: Student and Parent Grievance Procedure 1720/4015/7225: Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedure 1710/4021/7230: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying 1730/4022/7231 Non Discrimination on the Basis of Disabilities 4023: Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students 4040/7310: Staff-Student Relations 4050: Children of Military Families 4100: Age Requirements for Initial Entry 4101: Entrance Requirements 4104: Information on Lawfully Abandoning a Newborn Baby 4104R: Regulation on Lawfully Abandoning a Newborn Baby 4110: Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission 4115: Behavior Standards for Transfer Students 4120: Domicile or Residence Requirements 4125: Homeless Students 4130 Discretionary Admission 4150: Pupil Assignment 4152: Unsafe School Choice Transfer 4155: Assignment to Classes 1510/4200/7270: School Safety 4210: Release of Students from School 4211/6325: Student Parking 4212: Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices 4215: Errands by Students 4220: Student Insurance Program 4230: Communicable Disease - Students 4240: Child Abuse-Reports and Investigations 4245/7407: Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion 4245/7825R: Rules for Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools 4250/5075/7316: North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program 4251/6150: Handling Body Fluids 4255/6135: Unusual Health Hazards 4270/6145: Concussion and Head Injury 4300: Student Behavior Policies 4301: Authority of School Personnel 4302: School Plan for Management of Student Behavior 4304: Student Code of Conduct 3470/4305: Alternative Learning Programs/Schools 4307: Disciplinary Action for Exceptional Children/Disabled Students 4310: Integrity and Civility 4311/5021/7206: Code of Civility 4315: Disruptive Behavior 4320: Tobacco Products 4325: Drugs and Alcohol 4326: Random Drug Testing for Students 4330: Theft, Trespass and Damage to Property 4331: Assaults, Threats, and Harassment 4332: Student Hazing 4333: Weapons, Bomb Threats and Clear Threats to Safety 4335: Criminal Behavior 4340: School Level Investigations 4341: Parental Involvement in Student Behavior Issues 4342: Student Searches 4345: Student Discipline Records 4351: Short-Term Suspension 4352: Removal of Student During the Day 4353: Long-Term Suspension, 365 Days Suspension, Expulsion 4361: Appeals of Long-Term or 365 Day Suspension 4362: Request for Readmission of Expelled Students 4370: Student Discipline Hearing Procedures 4400: Attendance 4600 Student Fees 4700: Student Records 4705/7825: Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information 4720: Student Surveys 1810/4800: Notification of Rights Under FERPA