4135 - Tuition for Discretionary Admissions Unless provided otherwise in this policy, tuition will be charged to students admitted under policy 4130, Discretionary Admission, if the students (1) are not domiciled in the State or (2) are domiciled in the State and residing outside of the school system boundaries. Tuition may not exceed the local per pupil allocation for current expense as provided by the board of commissioners. The tuition rate will be determined annually by the board no later than August 1.

Tuition may be waived if a student meets one of the following criteria:

  1. the student is admitted to the school system pursuant to an agreement between this board and another board of education, and the agreement specifies that the payment of tuition by the student will not be required;

  2. the student resides on a military base within North Carolina;

  3. the student demonstrates extraordinary financial hardship;

  4. the student is a nonresident whose parents will move into the school administrative unit on or before December 1, and the student is assigned at the beginning of the school year to the school serving the student’s future domicile;

  5. the student was domiciled within the school administrative unit at the beginning of the school year and remains enrolled in the school system for the duration of the school year after moving into another school administrative unit during the school year; or

  6. the student’s parent(s) are employed by the school system.

In addition, no tuition will be charged to:

  1. students residing on military bases within North Carolina where federal funds designed to compensate for the impact on public schools of military dependent students are provided to the school system in an amount not less than 50 percent of the total per capita cost for education, exclusive of capital outlay and debt service; or

  2. students who are domiciliaries of the State and who reside within the school administrative unit. However, the board may enter an agreement with the board of education of the student’s domicile for payment of tuition by that board.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-366, -366.1

Cross References: Discretionary Admission (policy 4130)

Adopted: 2019-05-14