6121-Head Lice It is recommended that each school conduct a case by case head lice check on an as needed basis. In-service regarding policy, detection and treatment can be scheduled for individual Avery County Schools by contacting the school nurse.

Implementation of Head Lice Procedure

It is the responsibility of the school principal to identify an individual or individuals who will confidentially perform in-school screenings of individual suspected cases of head lice. This is the very best way to assure immediate attention for the problem. The School nurse is available to provide education and in-service to school staff.

When a student is identified to have live bugs, he/she will be sent home at the end of the school day. The parents will be confidentially notified that the student must be treated with a pediculocide (lice shampoo). The student may return to school the day after treatment. The student must receive a second treatment according to the directions of the pediculocide (lice shampoo). The principal will accept the parents’ confirmation that appropriate treatment has commenced.

Students will be checked when they return to school and checked again in one week to make sure there are no live bugs. If the parent does not follow through with the proper treatment, then the child with live bugs will be excluded from school until proper treatment has been completed. Only students with live bugs may be excluded from school. The principal will determine whether the student may be allowed to remain in or return to school.

## Adopted: 2005-07-11

Revised: 2012-11-06