5001 - Use of Community As Educational Resource

The Avery County Board of Education believes that learning is a life long process, embracing all ages, and that school facilities should be used to the fullest extent for educational, recreational, social, and cultural purposes.

The Board recognizes that good schools involve the active participation and cooperation of the entire community; and that school buildings, facilities and staff represent a considerable investment of public funds, and that it is desirable that such buildings, facilities, and staff be utilized to the fullest extent possible.

The Board of Education encourages the use of community resources in the education of its students. Care shall be exercised by the principal to assure that the use of community resources enhances the adopted curriculum of the State Board of Education and the Avery County Board of Education.

The Board of Education recognizes the need to enhance all school programs by involving parents and community volunteers (a volunteer is a person who works with students on a consistent scheduled on-going basis) in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of its educational programs. When it is determined that a program can be enriched by the use of volunteers, it shall be the responsibility of program directors and/or principals to initiate the process of recruiting, training, screening and maintaining volunteers for specific duties. No volunteer will be used without appropriate orientation, screening and training.

Visitors to Schools

All visitors must report to the school office. Employees of the school system (directors, coordinators, maintenance staff members, and other) should advise the school principal or secretary that they are in the building. A visitor (a person not employed by the school system) must report to the school office and receive permission to be on the school grounds. Visitors to the school that have received permission shall be issued a "Visitor's Permit".

School personnel confronted by improper visitors are to immediately notify the principal or designee who, in turn, will take immediate action per authority under G.S. 14-132, G.S. 288.4

Adopted: 2006-12-04