4210 - Release of Students From School ## Release Of Students From School

The safety of students is a paramount concern of the Avery County Board of Education and school district. The principal or principal’s designee will make reasonable efforts to determine that any person appearing at a school and requesting permission to take a student from the school is properly identified before the student is released to him or her.

Except in the most extreme circumstances, custody of a student will not be relinquished to any person without the prior approval of the parent or guardian having physical custody. However, if the parents are divorced or separated, the student may be released to either parent, unless the school has been provided with a copy of a court order or agreement that specifies otherwise.

If the principal or designee judges that releasing the student may harm the student’s health or safety, the principal will contact law enforcement and/or the department of social services as appropriate.

Schools are encouraged to develop guidelines as necessary to implement this policy.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-36 -47, -288,

Cross Reference: Child Abuse – Reports and Investigations (policy 4240/7312), Relationships with Other Governmental Agencies (policy 5100)

Adopted: 2000-09-11

Revised: 2008-10-06