Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 6123


The Avery County Board of Education, in order to comply with state and federal law, will maintain administrative, medical and educational health records (N.C. G.S. §115C- 402). The purpose of the permanent health record is to insure continuity of care for students and to provide basic documentation of the student’s health status. The health record contains pertinent data concerning the student’s health and should be an integral part of the cumulative record which accompanies the student throughout his/her school career.

A student’s permanent health record is a collection of legal documents, maintained jointly by school and designated health personnel, and is guaranteed the same safeguards of confidentiality as any other component of

The student health record may contain, but is not limited to, the following: • Immunization Records • Kindergarten Health Assessment • Fluoride Permission Form • Screening Evaluations

Student Health Forms, Emergency Action Plans and Individual Health Plans will be maintained in each school’s office in a Red Binder for the current school year. Previous years will be reconciled annually by school nurses.

School Nurses will maintain the following, separate from the permanent health record and cumulative record, until the student is age 29:

•   Medication forms (Medication Requests, Logs, Variance Forms, etc.)
•   Medical documentation from health care provider
•   Nurse Encounter Forms
•   Injury/Accident Forms
•   Other pertinent medical documentation.

Adopted: 9/10/07

Revised: 10/6/08, 07/09/13

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