3133 - Hospital-Homebound Services ## Hospital/Homebound Services

The primary purpose of the hospital/homebound services is to maintain access to a free and appropriate public education and to provide instructional and tutorial services so that the student can maintain growth, development, and academic performance. Hospital/homebound instruction shall be offered to currently enrolled students who are diagnosed by a certified healthcare provider as unable to attend school because of mental or physical illness or injury. Any student who is expected to be confined to a hospital or home for approximately two weeks or longer as determined through consultation and documentation by a healthcare provider is eligible for hospital/homebound services during the period of treatment or recuperation. When a student is out of school and, in the opinion of the principal, school nurse, and/or other healthcare provider, the student's absence is due to illness/or injury, and the absence will be for a minimum of two weeks, there is a need for homebound/hospital instruction. A Referral/Application for Hospital/Homebound Instruction Form (Appendix 3133.a) must be filled out by the attending healthcare provider, filed in the student’s cumulative folder and copies shall be provided to the school nurse and to the homebound office. Hospital/homebound services will begin on the date recommended by the healthcare provider, verified by the school nurse, and approved by the homebound director. The principal and the homebound director shall collaborate in the selection of a licensed homebound instructor and shall execute the appropriate contract (Appendix 3133.b). The homebound instructor shall contact the family to develop a plan that includes the length of services and daily/weekly hospital/homebound service schedules. The homebound instructor may visit the school to secure information about the student, to clarify goals, objectives, assignments, and competency measures, and to gather materials. Often student assignments may be obtained through email conversations and student learner management systems.

Adopted: 1983-03-17 ##

Revised: 1994-03-07 2000-12-04 2007-04-02 2014-08-05