6300 - Goals of Student Transportation Services ## Goals Of ## Student Transportation Services

The Avery County Board of Education elects to provide school transportation services for eligible students. The goals of the transportation services are as follows:

  • providing transportation to and from school to students most in need of the service;

  • making safety a priority in maintaining quality transportation equipment and vehicles;

  • teaching and expecting students to act in a safe and orderly manner while using school transportation;

  • planning and providing transportation services efficiently and economically;

  • using transportation services to support the types of learning opportunities available to students;

  • working effectively with students, parents, private contractors and other governmental agencies in providing transportation services; and

  • providing courteous service to students and responding promptly and courteously to requests by parents and students.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36

Cross References:

Adopted: 2002-08-05