Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 3120


Instructional delivery plays a crucial part in the attainment of educational goals and objectives. Well-prepared lesson plans help ensure superior delivery of the curriculum program.

Each teacher will prepare daily lesson plans that are based on the current statewide instructional standards and applicable curriculum and instructional guides developed by the school district. The following criteria should be followed regarding lesson plans:

• Daily lesson plans should be accessible at any time during the school day by the principal.

• Teachers shall maintain lesson plans for one year in order to allow the teacher and supervisory staff the opportunity to assess the instructional delivery and evaluate whether there are any gaps in the taught curriculum.

• When planning lessons, teachers must consider:

    -       specific outcomes and objectives which relate to the curriculum;
    -       planned activities, instructional strategies and special materials;
    -       effective use of technological resources;
    -       activities to address individual student needs;
    -       assessment/evaluation criteria; and
    -       evidence of curriculum alignment and continuity of the instructional

Teachers are responsible for seeking clarification whenever unsure about any of the requirements of this policy.

Pursuant to the school improvement plan, every full-time assigned classroom teacher must be provided duty-free instructional planning time, with the goal of providing an average of at least five hours of planning time per week.

Principals are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy. Staff development opportunities should be provided, as necessary, to ensure compliance.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47, -105.27, -288, -301.1, -307

Cross References: Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), Curriculum Development (policy 3100), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430), Professional Development and Assistance (policy 1610/7800)

Adopted: 11/06/00 Revised: 12/04/06, 12/10/13

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