Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 4311/5021/7206


The Avery County Board of Education is committed to providing an educational setting to our students that is free of violence, crime, intimidation and fear. Peace and order run hand in hand with safe and orderly school objectives. Unruly schools are a breeding ground for crime and violence. The school system does not allow students to be rude, disruptive, abusive or disrespectful to other students, staff or other persons at any time. School employees are required to treat all students, fellow employees and other persons with respect and civility at all times and to set a positive example as a role model in our schools and in the community.

In keeping with this policy, we require that all visitors, including parents, who are on our campuses or at school activities for any reason, to act in a respectful and civil manner at all times. Any person, who becomes abusive, profane, loud, disruptive or in any other way is unruly, will be immediately told to leave the property and not return again without prior, expressed permission of administration. Refusal to leave or returning without permission will be grounds for a criminal trespassing charge under state penal code. The conduct in itself may be grounds for prosecution, by disturbing the peace as defined under state penal code.

We are dedicated to teaching our students to be good citizens. Establishing and maintaining a peaceful educational setting, with adults acting appropriately and setting the positive example is the basis for accomplishing this goal.

Adopted: 05-06-02

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