6127-Sun Safety for Students Parents are encouraged to have students apply sunscreen before school and include sunscreen in the student school supplies. The application of sunscreen at school does not require a doctor’s order. Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen when outdoors. Students shall be encouraged and allowed to use sunscreen lip balm.

UV sunglasses and sun hats are encouraged when playing outdoors and on outdoor filed trips. Sharing of hats and wearing of hats with inappropriate wording is prohibited. Hats may not be worn inside a school building or in a classroom.

Teachers shall provide education at each grade level that relates to skin cancer, including information about the harmful effects of UV rays and recommended practices for preventing skin cancer.

Employees shall be strongly encouraged to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun and to model sun safe behaviors.

Communication to parents/guardians shall include but not be limited to, details of school policy related to hats, sun protective clothing, sunscreen usage and sunglasses. Schools shall also urge families to reinforce sun safe practices outside the school and to support the school’s sun safety programs.

Adopted: 2007-07-02