Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 7441


One of the goals of the Avery County Schools Athletic Program is to provide student athletes with coaches who are knowledgeable, well-qualified, and excellent role models. In keeping with NC GS 115-C 47(4), NC State Board of Education policy SS-D-002, the NCHSAA guidelines, and local Avery County Schools Board policies, the head coach of an interscholastic athletic team shall be a bona fide member of the faculty and as such shall be responsible for the supervision of athletic teams during all practices, games, and trips. Local boards of education may designate as a head coach any person employed by and paid by the board as an instructional staff member. In cases of emergency, local superintendents may employ non-faculty persons as head coaches for varsity or junior varsity teams. This is with the concurrence of the local board of education and until such times as a suitable bona fide faculty member becomes available to serve as head coach. Individuals authorized to coach in this manner are required to know and follow the rules of the NCHSAA and SDPI, including the sports season regulation. Assistant coaches will be recommended in the same manner as head coaches. The board and superintendent may take into consideration recommendations from the principal for final approval for all coaching positions.

Individuals who volunteer or are employed to coach in the Avery County School System should be loyal to the Avery County and are encouraged to coach only in Avery County Schools.

Adopted: 11/05/01

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