Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 6100


The Avery County Board of Education recognizes the importance of students maintaining physical health in order to take advantage of educational opportunities. Student health services will be organized by the superintendent and operated in a manner consistent with the following goals:

•   encouraging the physical well-being of all students;

•   integrating health-related services provided in the school setting, including those
    provided by counselors and health specialists;

•   providing health services in a manner that reinforces the objectives of the
    healthful living education curriculum;

•   working cooperatively with other governmental agencies and professional
    associations interested and involved in the health of students;

•   utilizing the latest research findings related to providing health services to

•   meeting all legal obligations; and

•   providing courteous service to students and parents.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-36, -288(e), -307(b) and (c)

Cross Reference:

Adopted: 9/11/00

Revised: 11/03/08

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