2310-Public Participation at Board Meetings The following procedure applies to public participation at Board of Education meetings:

Process of Notification to Appear Before the Board of Education and Guidelines for ### Individual or Group Spokesperson 1. Any individual or group of individuals desiring to address the Board of Education should submit a written request to the superintendent no later than 4:00 p.m. one week prior to the regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting. During a regularly scheduled Board Meeting attending individuals may sign up to address the Board with comments/questions pertaining to items already on that meeting’s agenda. (See attachment 2310.A) 2. The request to address the Board of Education should include the name, the address and the telephone number of the person(s) desiring to address the Board of Education, and a description of the topic or subject matter to be presented.

Conduct of Presentations to the Board of Education 1. Each speaker will be limited to a maximum of five minutes. 2. Any group or organization should designate one spokesperson to speak on its behalf. 3. If the number of persons supporting or opposing the same position exceeds the capacity of the meeting room delegates from each group should be selected to address the Board. 4. In order to facilitate an appropriate response by or on behalf of the Board of Education, questions, suggestions, proposals, or criticisms which are presented verbally should also be presented in writing with the signature of the presenter. 5. Interruption or interference with the orderly conduct of Board of Education business will not be allowed. The Board of Education chairperson or other presiding officer may terminate the speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, the speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks. 6. No person may present at a public meeting any charge or complaint against an individual employed by the Board of Education. Any such charge or complaint should be presented to the superintendent or the Board of Education in writing, signed by the complainant. Such charge or complaint will be referred to the superintendent and/or Board of Education for investigation and response. 7. Any challenge to the use of any instructional material in the Avery County Schools shall be presented initially to the superintendent in accordance with applicable Board of Education policy. 8. Any Board of Education member and the superintendent may question a speaker or comment upon a speaker’s remarks. Since individual Board of Education members may not act on behalf of the Board of Education, any response by the Board of Education must be deferred pending appropriate consideration and action.

Cross-Reference: Responding to Complaints policy 1742/5060

Adopted: 1990-03-05

Revised: 2002-01-07, 2005-10-03