3115 - Curriculum and Instructional Guides ## Curriculum And Instructional Guides

Curriculum and instruction guides will be developed as necessary to support the current statewide instructional standards; the Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), and any other expanded objectives or subject matters approved by the local board. State curriculum guides will be followed when mandated by state law.

Development/Modificaions Of Guides The curriculum committee shall develop new guides and/or modify existing guides that are to be used system-wide.

USE OF GUIDES Curriculum and instructional guides are to serve as a framework from which a teacher will develop units of study, individual lesson plans, and approaches to instruction that will serve the students’ needs.

The guides will be used to map the logical sequence of instruction. Teachers will be expected to follow the sequence in subjects such as reading and mathematics where sequence is important.

Teachers must follow the content of the curriculum and instructional guide. Teachers are expected to use their professional judgment in determining the most effective methods for implementing the guides.

The principal will ensure that teachers have access to curriculum guides.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47, -81

Cross References: Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), Curriculum Development (policy 3100), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430)

Adopted: 2000-11-06

Revised: 2013-12-10