7301 - CEU Renewal Credit for Cooperating Teachers and Intern Supervisors ## Ceu/Renewal Credit For ## Cooperating Teachers And Intern Supervisors

The Avery County Board of Education is most appreciative of the fine service provided by teachers and administrators in working with student teachers and interns. We readily acknowledge that these individuals are engaged in a very important activity for the preparation of teachers, counselors, and administrators. We believe that school personnel who engage in this kind of activity are involved in significant professional development and deserve to have their time and expertise recognized through the Awarding of CEU/Renewal credits from the districts.

  • A Cooperating Teacher who works a full semester with a student teacher should receive at least 2 CEU/Renewal credits per student teacher. * A School Counseling Internship Supervisor who works a full semester with a school counseling intern should receive at least 2 CEU/Renewal credits for each intern supervised. * An MSA, Ed.S. or Ed.D. Internship Supervisor who works for a full semester with a student with a Masters in School Administration, Education Specialist or doctoral student intern should receive at least 2 CEU/Renewal credits for each intern supervised.

This allocation is based on a total time commitment from these individuals that greatly exceeds twenty hours per 15 weeks and includes extensive one-to-one interaction with the student teacher/intern, review and critique of considerable written work, conferences on a regular basis with both the student teacher/intern and the university supervisor, evaluations oral and written of the student teacher/intern as well as participation in occasional training sessions that focus on such issues as mentoring/counseling skills, technology skills and applications, revision of evaluation criteria for student teaching/intern performance, curriculum updates, etc.

The following operating principles will govern this agreement between the school district and the college/university. 1. CEU/Renewal credit will be allocated each time a teacher/counselor/administrator supervises a student teacher/intern. 2. The school district will make the decision about how CEU’s/Renewal credit earned in this capacity will be allocated toward an individual’s renewal plan. 3. The college/university will follow the district’s procedures in providing notification/verification of a placement and will inform the designated office/person in the district upon the supervisor’s successful completion of all on- site responsibilities. 4. Should a student teacher/intern need to be removed from a placement or is unable to complete the full time required in the placement, the district will be notified by

the appropriate personnel in the college/university and the district will determine what, if any, CEU/Renewal credit will have been earned. 5. All policies and procedures currently in place or negotiated in the future regarding placements of student teachers/interns and selection of cooperating teachers/supervisors within a district/school will be followed. 6. Evaluations of the cooperating teacher/supervisor by student teachers/interns and/ or college/university personnel will be shared with designated district personnel upon request. 7. The college/university will make every effort to provide periodic updates/seminars for enhancing the skills and knowledge of those who serve as on-site cooperating teachers/supervisors.

Adopted: 2003-07-21