Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 7931


    The Avery County Board of Education (“Board”) is dedicated and committed to

providing all teachers with opportunities and resources to further their growth as professional educators. To that end, the performance of every teacher is assessed and the teacher is provided with constructive feedback through a formal evaluation and review process targeted to enhance professional growth. In addition, it is the Board’s expectation that all teachers, regardless of their years of experience, are capable of and must adhere to certain minimum professional standards of conduct and performance as set forth in this policy.

   Therefore, all teachers employed by the Avery County Board of Education shall

comply with and adhere to the following professional standards of conduct and performance:

    1.      Adhere to the Code of Ethics for North Carolina Educators.
    2.      Comply with Board policies regarding appropriate and/or prohibited
            behavior with students including electronic communications with students
            directly or through the internet.
    3.      Direct complaints regarding the work environment to the appropriate
            supervisors and/or file grievances instead of acting to undermine or
            diminish the authority of co-workers and supervisors.
    4.      Avoid confrontations with co-workers, including but not limited to,
            engaging in actions or conversations which the teacher knows or should
            know will result in an actual disruption.
    5.      Manage students' classroom behavior to minimize disruption to the
            educational environment and refer students, when necessary, to the
            administration for disciplinary action.
    6.      Respond to parent inquiries, complaints and/or concerns in a timely and
            professional manner.
    7.      Comply with administrative directives in a timely and professional
            manner, including written directives regarding specific issues or
    8.      Perform assigned and/or accepted extracurricular and non-instructional
            duties in a timely and professional manner.
    9.      Participate in and complete any required professional development
    10.     Participate in required staff meetings and student academic meetings,
            including required meetings for students with special needs, in a
            professional manner.
    11.     Complete and transmit required reports and other documentation in a
            timely and professional manner.

Avery County Schools Policy Code: 7931 Page 1 of 2 12. Arrive at school each day at an appropriate time designated by the principal ready and prepared to complete assigned duties.

The failure or unwillingness of a teacher to comply with the professional standards of conduct and performance listed herein may result in contract non-renewal or disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment. In all matters concerning a teacher's compliance with this policy, consideration shall be given to the impact on the education of a student or group of students and on the overall educational environment of the school.

Reference: G.S. 115C-47 (1), (4), (9), (12), and (18); G.S. 115C-325(e)(3); 16 NCAC 6C.0601.

Adopted: 2/8/10

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