3461-Graduation Ceremonies ## Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies for Avery County High School and Blue Ridge Academy will be conducted following the last school day as designated in the annual school calendar adopted by the Avery County Board of Education. In the event the last day of school is changed due to inclement weather, or other conditions that necessitate the loss of school day(s) after the graduation date has been set, the date originally set would not be changed.

Formal graduation programs in the elementary and middle schools are discouraged. It is suggested that each school have an awards day the last day of school to recognize students and present awards.

Students who will be eligible for a diploma at the successful completion of summer school will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies with the notation that their diplomas will be granted upon the completion of summer school requirements.

Adopted: 1983-04-20 Revised: 1994-03-07, 2000-11-06, 2002-08-19; 2015-06-30