6325 - Student Parking ## Student Parking

Avery County Board of Education recognizes that high school students enjoy the privilege of driving privately owned vehicles to school. In recognition of this principals are authorized to assign individual student parking spaces or designate parking areas for students. Whenever individual spaces are designated or assigned, first priority will be given to individuals with physical disabilities. Students who need transportation in order to participate in school-related internships or off-site learning opportunities will have priority for parking spaces over other students. Principals may provide for the registration of vehicles in any manner permitted by G.S. 115C-46 and may ticket or remove cars parked in violations of rules as permitted by G.S. 115C-46.

Parking on school grounds is a privilege and not a right. Parking privileges may be revoked for violating parking rules or as a consequence for violating student behavior board policies, school standards or rules as provided in School Plan for Management of Student Behavior (policy 4302). Student cars parked on school property may be searched in accordance with board policy 4342, Investigations.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-46

Cross References: School Plan for Management of Student Behavior (policy 4302), Student Searches (policy 4342)

Adopted: 2002-08-05 Revised: 2004-07-08