7815 - Evaluation of Non-Licensed Employees ## Evaluation Of Non-Licensed Employees

The board attaches a high priority to securing the most competent personnel available and, once they are employed, in assisting them in their growth and development throughout their careers. Evaluations of noncertified employees’ performance must follow conform with the following board directives:

  1. Exemplary performance as well as deficiencies in performance should be clearly identified. 2. Supervisors and principals should facilitate open communication with employees about performance expectations.

  2. An employee who is unclear about how performance is being assessed or desires additional evaluation opportunities should address these issues with the immediate supervisor.

  3. Evaluation data will be submitted to the central office personnel file in accordance with state law and board policy on personnel files, (policy 7820).

  4. Evaluation data may be used in making employment decisions, including transfers, promotions and dismissal and demotion of employees, (board policy 7940).

  5. The superintendent and all evaluators are encouraged to develop ways to recognize exemplary employees and to capitalize on the abilities of exemplary employees in helping other employees.

The superintendent will develop any other necessary procedures and will provide training, as necessary, to carry out the board directives.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47(18), -333

Cross References: Personnel Files (policy 7820), Classified Personnel: Suspension and Dismissal (policy 7940)

Adopted: 2001-11-05