4255-6135 - Unusual Health Hazards ## Unusual Health Hazards

When students who may be subject to unusual health hazards such as allergy to bee sting/ insect bite, or a student who has a known health condition i.e. asthma, diabetes, seizure, cardiac, etc., attend school it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to annually assure that the school staff/school nurse is aware of the situation and prepared to provide the emergency measures indicated. This will be done by completing the Health Information Form at the beginning of the school year or by contacting the school nurse. A specific emergency plan for each student who is at risk for severe allergic reaction is as follows:

  1. If the student is stung or experiences a health condition, he/she must report this to his/ her teacher immediately. Measures will be taken, dependent on what is negotiated between the student's parent/guardian, personal physician, or health care source and the school, as established by the School Nurse on the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

a. A medication may be given to allay reactions or ease the health situation until the student can be transported to the emergency room and/or parents are notified or the condition subsides. This medication is per parent request and meets the Medication to be given at School requirements. ACS policy 6125 b. First Aid measures will be instituted, if an anaphylactic reaction begins or health condition warrants, i.e., use of an Epi-Pen, CPR, AED, and 911 call when indicated.

  1. If a student is at risk of allergic reaction to a sting/bite, food, or environmental factor, the parent/guardian is responsible for working with the school nurse to have an EAP in place for the student and to provide the school with the medication needed to meet this plan.

  2. The emergency action plan for the individual student must be written and verified with the school nurse. This plan must include the allergy/health condition, signs of an emergency for the specific student, the appropriate emergency steps to take and current telephone numbers where parents/guardians may be reached.

  3. It is the parent/guardian responsibility to assure that an emergency plan is developed for their child.

  4. No emergency measure will be withheld.

  5. All students transported by EMS will be taken to the nearest hospital.

  6. Policy code 6119 Emergency Care within the School Setting will be followed for any medical emergency.

Adopted: 1990-10-01 ##

Revised: 1992-10-05 1993-12-06 2000-12-04 2008-12-08