Avery County Schools Policy Manual
               SUPPORT SERVICES

                      Index to 6000 Series

6000: Support Services 6100: Goals of Student Health Services 6101: Automated External Defibrillator 6110: Organization of Student Health Services 6119: Emergency Care Within the School Setting 6120: Student Health Services 6121: Head Lice 6122: Communicable Disease Prevention and Control 6123: Maintenance of Student Health Records 6124: Severe Allergy Procedures 6125: Administering Medicine to Students 6126: Asthma Self-Administration of Medication 6127: Sun Safety for Students 6128: Student with Fever 6129: Pandemic Illness 4255/6135: Unusual Health Hazard 6140: Student Wellness 6141: Transportation of Sick or Injured Students 4270/6145: Concussion and Head Injury 4251/6150: Handling Body Fluids 6200: Goals of Student Food Service 6220: Operation of Student Food Services 6221: Charging of School Meals 6225: Free and Reduced Price Food Services 6230: Nutritional Standards for Food Selection 6235: Beverage Vending Sales 6300: Goals of Student Transportation Services 6301: Fuel Conservation 6305: Safety and Student Transportation Services 6310: Organization of Student Transportation Services 6315: Drivers 6320: Use of Student Transportation Services 6321: Bus Routes 6322: Student Assignment to Buses 4211/6325: Student Parking 6327: Technology Hardware and Software Procurement 6330: Insurance for Student Transportation Services 6340: Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts 6400: Goals of the Purchasing Function 6401: Ethics and Purchasing Functions 6402: Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses 6410: Organization of the Purchasing Function 6420: Contracts with the Board 6421: Pre-Audit Certification 6425: Continuing Contracts 6430: State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies 6440: Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6441/9121: Bidder’s List 6442: Vendor’s List 6450: Purchases of Services 6500: Goals of Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6510: Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services 6520: Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6521: Personal Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies 6522: Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies by Nonschool Groups 6523: Use of Computers 6525: Instructional Materials Services 6526: ACSNet Technology Resources Security 6530: Resource Conservation 6540: Hazardous Materials 6550: Vandalism 6560: Disposal of Surplus Property