9030 - Facility Construction

Facility construction will be undertaken in accordance with the long-range plan adopted by the Avery County Board of Education and the facility design approved by the board. Any repairs or renovations of school facilities should be undertaken in such a way as to minimize disruption of instructional time and the educational environment.

Quality of Construction

Buildings should be constructed with durable materials that, when possible, permit space to be adapted to various purposes and to be adjusted to changes in technology or the educational program.

The board will not accept substandard construction. In the event of insufficient funding for a project, the board will defer implementing parts of the long-range plan.

Change Orders

After a contract for construction or repair work has been awarded, the need may arise to amend the terms, conditions, or specifications of the contract. The contract may be amended by a change order, but some change orders may not be used to evade bidding requirements.

When amendments to a contract are necessary, the contractor shall submit a proposed change order in writing to the superintendent or designee. Any request for expedited review must also be in writing and accompany the proposed change order.

Unless otherwise prohibited by statute or regulation, the superintendent or designee is authorized to approve or deny change orders involving sums up to $1000 so long as funding for the change order is available within the established project budget. The superintendent shall report all such change order requests and whether they were approved or denied to the board at the next regular board meeting.

Change orders which involve amounts over $1000 or are in excess of the remaining funds in the project budget require board approval. The superintendent shall report to the board at the next regular board meeting all such proposed change orders, along with the superintendent’s recommendation whether to approve each change order. However, the superintendent shall report to the board within 48 hours any change orders that include a request by the contractor for expedited review or that, in the superintendent’s opinion, require expedited review. The board chair will then decide whether a special meeting must be called to address the proposed change order before the next regular board meeting.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-521, -524

Cross Reference: Planning for Facility Needs (policy 9000), Facility Design (policy 9020)

Adopted: 2000-10-02 Revised: 2017-05-09