Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 3624/7406


Avery County Schools is a member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and is assigned to the Western Highlands 2A Conference. All policies and procedures outlined in the rules and by-laws of these organizations shall be followed by Avery County High School concerning student athletic eligibility and participation.

High School athletics are very competitive and it is the responsibility of the head coach of each sport to select a team that can compete at this level of competition.

Avery County High School currently offers athletic opportunities to students in 13 interscholastic sports with a total of 27 JV and Varsity teams. These include:

    Fall:           Cross-Country (Co-ed)
                    JV and Varsity Men’s Soccer
                    JV and Varsity Volleyball
                    JV and Varsity Football
                    Women’s Tennis
                    JV and Varsity Cheerleading

    Winter:         Varsity Wrestling (Co-ed)
                    JV and Varsity Women’s Basketball
                    Freshmen, JV, and Varsity Men’s Basketball
                    *Indoor Track (Co-ed)
                    JV and Varsity Cheerleading

    Spring:         JV* and Varsity Baseball
                    JV* and Varsity Softball
                    Men and Women’s Track Field
                    JV and Varsity Women’s Soccer
                    Men’s Tennis
                    Golf (Co-ed)

    Students in grades 9 – 12 are eligible to participate in Varsity athletics.
    Interscholastic Junior Varsity athletic teams are composed primarily of students in
    grades 9 – 10 with participation by students in grade 11 in certain sports with
    hardship consideration only (WHC rule).

    Athletic teams vary in the number of participants allowed on the team. While
    some teams allow all students who “try-out” for the team to “make” the team,
    others must limit participants by the nature of the sport and opportunity for
    playing time. Teams that keep all student athletes who meet the eligibility
    requirements include football, soccer, wrestling, track and field, and cross-
    country. On these teams, try-outs are for positions and the starting line-up. Most

Avery County Schools Policy Code: 3624/7406 Page 1 of 3 athletes are evaluated weekly to determine “starters”. Each team varies in the form of the weekly evaluation. However, student athletes are informed of the criterion that determines starting positions.

    Teams that hold try-outs for a limited number of positions include volleyball,
    basketball, golf, baseball, softball, tennis, and cheerleading. Students are
    informed of the criteria for team selection prior to the try-out period. The length
    of the try-out period varies by sport and is determined by the head coach. For
    teams that require try-outs, all student athletes must try-out each year for a
    position on the team. No student athlete is guaranteed a position on the team
    based on participation in a prior year at either the Varsity or JV level. The head
    coach makes the final determination as to which student athletes “make” the team
    at both Varsity and JV level. Any student who does not make the Varsity team
    will be cut, but students who have been on Varsity teams will be considered for
    the JV team if the student and parent/guardian have signed a form indicating that
    the student wishes to be considered during tryouts for both the varsity and JV
    team. The head coach, at his or her discretion, may request the assistance of other
    individuals (such as trained outside evaluators, assistant coaches, etc.) in making
    the final cut. However, the final decision rests with the head coach.

    High school athletics are very competitive. A position on a high school athletic
    team does not guarantee that a student athlete will participate in every athletic
    competition or be guaranteed a certain amount of playing time during a sports
    season. The team rules, practice time requirements, and behavior, however, are
    the same for all athletes.

    Cheerleading is an activity that comes under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina
    High School Athletic Association in two areas – eligibility and safety guidelines.
    Cheerleaders, both Junior varsity and varsity, must have their eligibility certified
    in the same manner as other interscholastic athletes. In addition the NCHSAA
    Board of Directors has approved a set of safety guidelines from the National
    Federation of State High School Associations. It is strongly recommended that,
    before a cheerleading squad uses these safety guidelines, the coach or advisor for
    the cheerleaders consider their application with the training, experience and
    athletic ability of the student under supervision.

    Cheerleaders serve as a support group for the different athletic teams within their
    schools. Positive crowd and student body involvement, directed by the
    cheerleading squad in support of the school team, should be the major goal and is
    a very important component of an athletic program. The squad is not intended to
    develop its skills and talents solely for entertainment or competition purposes.
    Cheerleaders should always strive to improve student morale, boost team spirit,
    and help a school achieve the most worthwhile objectives in its interscholastic

    These activities can provide the student with educational experiences that
    contribute greatly toward the development of good citizenship.

Avery County Schools Policy Code: 3624/7406 Page 2 of 3 Reference: National Federation of State High School Associations Spirit Rules Book

    Adopted: 11/05/01

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