9200 - Care and Maintenance of Facilities

The Avery County Board of Education strives to maintain facilities in good condition in order to:

  • continue to provide a safe, orderly and inviting educational environment;
  • protect financial investments in the facility;
  • reduce the need for major repair; and
  • facilitate the conservation of energy resources.

All staff, students and visitors to the school are expected to use reasonable care to prevent property damage. The principal and teachers will instruct students in the proper care of public property. Anyone who willfully or carelessly damages school property may be held financially liable, as provided by law, including G.S. 115C-523.

The principal will inspect school buildings for health, fire and safety hazards on a regular basis and as required by law. Any staff that observes any potential hazards will immediately notify the principal. The principal will immediately notify the superintendent of repairs needed in order to meet safety standards. Proper signs indicating potential danger will be posted.

The maintenance department will make reasonable efforts to maintain the facilities in good condition and to make needed repairs.

The superintendent will ensure that facilities are evaluated and inspected in accordance with the facilities inventory as provided in board policy 9000, Planning for Facility Needs.

Legal Reference: G.S. 1-538.1; 115C-40, -47, -276(c), -288(f), -307(h), -523, -524

Cross Reference: Student Safety (policy 1510/4200), Planning for Facility Needs (policy 9000)

Adopted: 2000-10-02