Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 6410


The purchasing function will be organized by the superintendent in a manner intended to help meet the purchasing goals of the Avery County Board of Education. The purchasing function includes the following responsibilities:

• making purchases for all departments in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the requirements of the State Division of Purchase and Contract when applicable, board policy, the superintendent's directives, good purchasing practices and ethical principles;

• establishing and enforcing a system for approving and accounting for purchases;

• maintaining appropriate records on price quotations of supplies most frequently purchased;

• maintaining other supplemental data to assist in making purchases at the most economical prices possible;

• establishing a practical degree of standardization of equipment, supplies and materials with sufficient flexibility to meet unique needs of schools and departments;

• maintaining NC E-Procurement compliance and making purchases through the E-Procurement Service to the extent appropriate to maximize savings and efficiency in the purchasing function;

• supervising the receiving of all materials, including establishing procedures to ensure received goods are properly inspected, counted and documented;

• maintaining lists of potential bidders for various types of materials, equipment and supplies;

• providing information regarding bidding opportunities to vendors;

• providing information and service to schools and departments that wish to make purchases; and

• maintaining current information on all applicable laws, regulations, board policies and administrative procedures.

Legal References: G.S. 143-49, -52; 115C-522; 147, art. 6E; N.C. Session Law 2003-147; N.C. Procurement Manual, Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract, available at http://www.pandc.nc.gov/Default.aspx.

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Adopted: 11/06/06

Updated: 10/11/16

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