Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 3400


An evaluation system of students’ academic performance is necessary to help ensure that all students are succeeding within the framework of the educational goals and objectives of the Avery County Board of Education. The Avery County Board of Education believes that the formal issuance of student evaluations on a regular basis promotes continuous assessment of a student’s performance; informs the student, his or her parents or guardians, and the guidance counselor about the student’s performance and progress; and provides a system of notice which allows intervention strategies to be implemented if necessary to improve the student’s performance. The board encourages teachers and principals to pursue innovative methods of evaluating progress.

An evaluation system will be established for assessing an individual student’s academic achievement and progress relative to benchmarks set for students at that instructional level (e.g. periodic assessment for expected growth). The evaluation system should provide for regular communication with parents so that they may be informed and involved in their child’s education.

The board requires regular contact with parents by school personnel for commendation as well as for notification of concerns. Schools will plan for periodic communications with parents in the following manner:

Interim Reports: Notification Concerning Class Grades 1. All middle and high school teachers are required to send interim reports to all students at the mid-point of each grading period. 2. All elementary regular classroom teachers and “teachers of record” for academic classes are required to send interim reports to all students. Special teachers (i.e. art, music, P. E., library, computer, guidance, etc.) are required to send interim reports if a student has had a drop in behavior or performance. 3. If the report indicates a student has had a drop in grade or may not pass the grading period, then Interim Reports must be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher. If the teacher does not receive the signed document from the parent, it is the teacher’s responsibility to call or meet with the parent and document that conversation. 4. Teachers may offer rewards (such as a point added to a final average) for the student returning the interim report. However, punishment may not be used.

Notification Concerning Repeating a Grade or a Course 1. If any student is not making satisfactory progress toward promotion or passing the End-of Grade/End –of-Class exam, parents must be notified at the mid-year (elementary and middle school) or mid-semester (high school). This communication must be confirmed by signature of the parent, and/or documented meetings.

Notification Concerning High School Graduation

Avery County Schools Policy Code: 3400 Page 1 of 2 1. If a student may not graduate on time, parents must be notified in person or by certified mail by mid-semester, or as soon as a teacher becomes aware of the problem.

Teachers will be responsible for evaluating student performance and keeping accurate records in order to substantiate a grade or assessment given in a course.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47, -81

Cross References: Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002)

Adopted: 11/06/00

Revised: 2/18/08

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