Policy Code: 6522A


Name of Group: _________

Property to be used: _____________

Serial #: ________

School from which property is housed: __________

Date property is to be used: _______

Date property will be returned: __________

Approximate Value of property: _________


  1. the use will have no or minimal effect on the useful life of the item;
  2. the group's use of the property will not interfere with use for school district purposes; and 3 any other conditions required by the superintendent.
  3. unless authorized by the superintendent, property of a value greater than $2000.00 will not be loaned.
  4. unless authorized by the superintendent, board property may not be taken off school grounds.

Borrower Agreement:

The above individual or group receiving the loan agrees to: 1. Be responsible for the proper care and preservation of the property 2. Compensate the school district for any loss in value as it is determined by the superintendent or designee. 3. Release all liability of the board, individually or collectively, and that the board will be held harmless for personal injury suffered by the use of school property pursuant to such agreements. 4. Pay a reasonable use fee set by the superintendent or designee, if applicable

By signing this agreement, I(we) agree to the above terms.

______ _____ Signature Date

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