9010 - Site Selection

The Avery County Board of Education will select future sites in a manner consistent with facility needs as identified in the long-range plan. The board will consider options for acquiring property and buildings that are within its legal authority are economically sound and meet immediate and future needs.

The superintendent will assist the board in site selection. In making recommendations to the board, the superintendent must consider the following factors, along with any other factors the superintendent determines to be appropriate:

  • the size of the site needed for current and future needs;
  • the cost for acquisition and development;
  • suitability for intended uses of the site;
  • accessibility for students and the community; and
  • whether the site meets all legal requirements, including environmental standards.

The superintendent will investigate and recommend to the board reasonable options for acquiring property or buildings such as purchasing, leasing, or entering into relationships with other governmental agencies or private businesses, as permitted by law. The superintendent is authorized to select and work with consultants in identifying and assessing site options. Any contract for professional services must be reviewed by the board attorney, approved by the board, and meet any applicable board policies.

Legal Reference: G.S. 115C-47, -204, -517, -518, -521; 153A-164; 160A, art. 2, pt. 1

Cross Reference: Selection and Use of Architects (policy 9110)

Adopted: 2000-10-02