5230 - Participation in Research Projects

The board encourages agencies and individuals to conduct research on issues related to the effective operation of schools and student performance. The school district may assist in research projects when the research results ultimately may benefit students.

The superintendent may approve a request for participation in a research project if the project's purpose and methodology are compatible with the goals and objectives of the board and school district and do not disrupt instructional time. The superintendent is encouraged to involve central office administrators, school administrators, teachers and parents in making this assessment. The superintendent will report on approved research projects at the next regularly-scheduled board meeting.

A research project involving a survey of students must comply with policy 4720, Surveys of Students.

All research projects must comply with the confidentiality requirements of policy 4700, Student Records, and policy 4705/7825, Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47, -230

Cross References: Student Records (policy 4700), Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information (policy 4705/7825), Surveys of Students (policy 4720)

Adopted: 2005-11-07

Revised: 2008-10-06