Avery County Schools Policy Policy Code: 5010



The Avery County Schools Board of Education encourages the development and participation of parent organizations that support the goals of the board and the school system. The board recognizes that parent organizations are an effective means of involving parents in their child’s schools. The superintendent and school administrators shall inform parent organizations of specific goals for each school and shall help these organizations identify opportunities to assist the schools in achieving these goals.


Parent organizations, including PTAs, PTOs and booster clubs, are not considered a part of the school system. However, because the organizations and their activities reflect upon the school system, all parent organizations must comply with the following conditions in order to operate In conjunction with the schools.

• All parent organizations must provide the superintendent with a document describing the purpose of the organization and the general rules and procedures by which it will operate. Any later modifications to the organization’s purpose or general rules and procedures also must provided in writing to the superintendent.

• Parent organizations must obtain prior approval from the principal for (1) any fund- raising event, (2) any purchase for the school, (3) any function involving the participation of students, or (4) any event which is likely to reflect upon the school or school system.

• Fliers and other literature displayed or distributed by parent organizations must comply with policy 5210, Distribution and Display of Non-School Material,

• Parent organizations are responsible for maintaining their own financial records. In no circumstance may an employee of the Avery County Board of Education serve as treasurer of a support organization or have check-signing capability, unless funds are kept in the school’s official books and audited with school system accounts.

• Parent organizations shall maintain a transparent financial accountability process that frequently reports accurate revenues and expenditures for organization members.

• Parent organizations are expected to consider the cultural diversity and economic differences of students and parents in planning various functions.

Avery County Schools Policy Code: 5010 Page 1 of 2 The superintendent The superintendent shall grant or deny parent organizations approval to operate at each school. Parent organizations that do not comply with board policies may have approval to operate within the school revoked by the superintendent.


    Any item that a parent organization proposes to contribute to a school must meet
    all legal requirements, including safety codes. Before accepting a any such
    donation of equipment, supplies or funds, the principal must notify the
    superintendent and ensure that the donation complies with the requirements of
    policy 8220, Gifts and Bequests. All donated items become the property of the
    school system. While the intent of the donor will be considered, the school
    system reserves the right to modify the use of the donation if the needs of the
    students or the school system change.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47

Cross References: Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002), Distribution and Display of Non-School Material (policy 5210), Gifts and Bequests (policy 8220)

Adopted: 01-08-01

Revised: 10/6/08; 9/13/10

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