5000-Schools and the Community The Avery County Board of Education recognizes that the public schools are an integral part of the community and that the public has a vested interest in having students develop into productive members of the workforce and of society. The board encourages the community to be involved in the school system and to assist the school system in the goal of providing every student with the opportunity to receive a sound basic education.

Each year the board will ensure that the report card issued for the school system by the State Board of Education receives widespread distribution to the local press or to other local channels of news and information. In addition, the school system shall publish on its website all information required by law, including performance information and information on how state funds have been used to address local educational priorities.


In making policy decisions, the board will keep in mind its commitment to providing all students in our community the opportunity to obtain a sound basic education. The board’s commitment to the wider community is expressed in various policies that address the relationship between the school system and the community, such as:

  1. Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002); 2. Title I Parent and Family Engagement (policy 1320/3560); 3. Public Records - Retention, Release, and Disposition (policy 5070/7350); 4. School Volunteers (policy 5015); 5. Compliance with the Open Meetings Law (policy 2320); 6. Registered Sex Offenders (policy 5022); 7. Distribution and Display of Non-School Material (policy 5210); 8. Community Use of Facilities (policy 5030); and 9. Visitors to the Schools (policy 5020).

School Administrators

School administrators shall:

  1. demonstrate a commitment to working with the community; 2. identify appropriate opportunities for community input; 3. communicate to the public the goals and objectives of the school system and the progress of the school system in meeting those goals and objectives; and 4. provide the public with school progress and performance reports as required by state and federal law.

Legal References: Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 20 U.S.C. 6301; G.S. 115C-12(9)c3, -36, -47, -83.10-105.25(c); Leandro v. State, 346 N.C. 336 (1997)

Cross References: Board Authority and Duties (policy 1010), Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002), Title I Parent and Family Engagement (policy 1320/3560), Compliance with the Open Meetings Law (policy 2320), School Volunteers (policy 5015, Visitors to the Schools (policy 5020), Registered Sex Offenders (policy 5022), Community Use of Facilities (policy 5030), Public Records – Retention, Release, and Disposition (policy 5070), and Distribution and Display of Non-School Material (policy 5210).

Adopted: 2000-09-11 Revised: 2008-10-06; 2013-07-09; 2013-12-10; 2017-11-16